Top Problems Solved by Website Monitoring

Running an online business can come with more than its fair share of headaches. That is why investing in the right tools to help you minimize those headaches is crucial to the overall success of your business. Fortunately, website monitoring is one of the few tools that can solve a number of problems while actually paying for itself (and then some) over time. If you think website monitoring is simply a way to know when your website is down, you are merely looking at the tip of the iceberg. Here is a list of some of the biggest problems solved by quality website monitoring services.

Discover Problems Before Downtime Occurs

Some website monitoring services can notify you of performance issues that will inevitability lead to downtime before that downtime actually occurs. This means that you can fix the problem before your site goes completely dark. Website monitoring doesn’t just notify you when your site is down, but can actually notify you before your site goes down, allowing you to avoid an instance of downtime altogether.

Discover the Reason Behind Your Website’s Downtime

One of the biggest challenges with website downtime is understanding the cause of it. In order to get your site back online you have to know why it’s down in the first place. Website monitoring services will oftentimes direct you in regards to the root of your downtime issue, saving you precious time in terms of getting your site back up and running. If your website monitoring service saves you just 15 minutes as you are trying to understand the cause behind your website downtime and that downtime costs your business an average of $50 a minute, that is $750 that the service has saved you in just one downtime instance.

Determine if Your Hosting Provider Is the Root of Your Downtime Woes

If your website is going down frequently due to issues with your hosting provider, taking control of the downtime completely out of your hands, a website monitoring service will make you aware of this fact. This will allow you to save months of frustration when you move to a new hosting provider, months that would have been wasted had you not known about the problem and had remained with your old web hosting company, allowing the problems to continue.

Know When Performance Issues Arise

Your website isn’t down, but your sales and page conversions are. Without website monitoring you may be in the dark as to what is causing the drop in business. What you may not realize is that poor website performance can be just as detrimental to your online business as a total site outage. If it’s taking longer than 3 seconds for your site’s pages to load, chances are that your visitors are leaving your site and are going elsewhere for their needs. A website monitoring service can alert you when performance issues arise so you can keep the traffic that your website is getting rather than losing it due to slow-loading pages and customer frustration.

Protect Your SEO Investment

Chances are that you’ve invested quite a bit of money into the search ranking of your website. If your site encounters frequent and extended bouts of downtime and performance issues, the search engine algorithms are going to note this and it will have a negative impact on your search engine rankings, putting all of that SEO investment at risk. A website monitoring service can help you minimize your website’s downtime and, therefore, can help you protect your site’s search engine rankings and the SEO investment dollars you have spent.

Save Precious Seconds When Downtime Does Occur

Of course, the biggest problem that website monitoring takes care of is the obvious – being made aware of website downtime as quickly as possible. When your site is being consistently monitored by a quality website monitoring service, you’ll know about any website downtime the minute it occurs. This allows you to get to work to get your site back online as quickly as possible. It also allows you to move more quickly in terms of performing damage control by communicating your downtime issues with your customer base.