Anonymous vs. ISIS: Sometimes Downtime Isn’t a Bad Thing, But Don't Get in the Crossfire

At Alertra we often talk about the dangers of downtime and how it can interfere with your business’s reputation, profits, and overall success. It appears, however, that there are times when downtime can actually be a good thing. While we have mentioned the activities of the group of hacktivists known as Anonymous in the past, their most recent efforts, targeting the propaganda of ISIS, is one example of how website downtime isn’t always a bad thing.


Hold Your Web Host Accountable with Website Monitoring Services

If you’ve ever shopped for or purchased website hosting services, chances are that you’ve seen a number of hosts, including the one you pay each month or year, claiming an uptime rate of 99.9 percent. The question is, are they really delivering on that promise? When it comes to something as serious as the hosting of your website, you need to be in a position to hold your hosting company accountable. The only effective way to do that is with a quality website monitoring service.


4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Website Monitoring Service

Most webmasters know the value of quality website monitoring service and ensure that such service is in place on each and every website they operate. However, simply outsourcing your website monitoring to a quality website monitoring service isn’t always enough. While website monitoring service is one of those rare services that pays for itself, you still want to make sure you get the most out of the service you invest in. Here are four ways to ensure you are doing just that.


How Does Website Monitoring Service Work?

Most ecommerce entrepreneurs know that website monitoring service is crucial to the success of their websites. What they don’t always know is how external website monitoring works or the differences between the types of website monitoring available. Before you can be sure you have the right website monitoring service in place on for your site, you need to familiarize yourself with the facts pertaining to the different types of website monitoring and how these services work.


Why Website Monitoring Service is a Must

Your website visitors are seeing a 404 error page. Do you know about it?

As heart attacks are the silent killer among human beings, website downtime is the silent killer of websites, especially ecommerce websites. If you have a website, the first questions you need to ask yourself are, would you know if your site went down and how long would it take for you to figure it out?


Website Downtime: Why Online Sellers Should Never Put All of Their Eggs in One Basket

If you sell online via websites like eBay, you may not understand how you can prevent website downtime from taking a toll on your business’s profits. After all, it isn’t as if you can do anything to prevent a site like eBay from going down, or take action to get it back up and running if it does, but you still need to know when a site outage occurs on a sales platform you do business on. Before you think you are at the mercy of the company you sell your products on, keep these things in mind.


When Kickstarter Goes Down, Communication Is Often Lacking

When speaking of Internet giants, the Kickstarter website has definitely grown to be among them. And like other Internet giants, Kickstarter has proven that even the greatest of the great can fall and succumb to downtime. A crowdfunding platform, the site offers a way for people to generate crowdfunding for projects and ventures. However, while the site may do a wonderful job of helping people raise capital, it isn’t as adept at updating the public when things go wrong with the website.


Website Monitoring Services: Who Is Keeping Your Web Host In Check?

When you signed up for the hosting package for your website, you were probably promised something like 99.9 percent uptime. The question is, how do you really know whether or not your hosting company is actually delivering on that promise? While nearly everyone realizes the significance of downtime and the impact it can have on ecommerce profits, not everyone knows how to keep an eye on the uptime their hosting service is providing and how to minimize downtime and profit loss due to downtime.


How to Use Website Monitoring Services to Increase Your Online Profits

It has become evident that poor website performance can be just as damaging to your company’s bottom line as a complete outage of your website. In fact, poor performance may be even more damaging than website downtime in the long run. Fortunately, with quality website monitoring service in place, you can keep an eye on the performance of your site and if your site begins to perform poorly, you can take measures to improve your site’s performance and, therefore, protect or even increase your online profits. Just how can a website monitoring service increase your company’s profits?


Monitoring Website Performance: Why it’s As Important As Monitoring Website Downtime

We all hear about it when a website goes down. We all know that website downtime equates to lost profits and even headlines that hurt a company’s reputation. That’s why the majority of serious online ecommerce players put website monitoring service into place. Profitable companies know that website downtime equates to lost profits and website monitoring can help reduce the amount of profits that are lost each year due to downtime. But what about website performance? Is it as important as website uptime?