Five Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a Website Monitoring Service

An increasing number of businesses are beginning to realize the importance of website monitoring. As a result, they are also beginning to realize the importance of a website monitoring service.


More Helpful Tips for Maximizing Website Uptime

Here at Alertra we talk quite a bit about what to do when your website goes down.


Three Additional Ways to Maximize Your Website's Uptime

Here at Alertra we've discussed how every minute of downtime can equate to thousands of lost revenue dollars for monetized websites. If your site is monetized (as most sites are), you need to everything you can to ensure that your site stays up and running, achieving maximum possible uptime.


Was the Facebook Outage Technical or Political in Nature?

This past Wednesday Facebook went down worldwide for approximately 20 minutes. While that may not seem like a lot of time, those who read this blog have come to know that every minute of downtime can equate to thousands of dollars in lost revenue.


HostGator Servers Go Down but Communication Does Not

On the morning of Saturday the 8th of June, HostGator customers woke up to something unpleasant. Their websites were down.


A Closer Look at the Numbers Involving Downtime, Performance Issues, and Profitability

Last week we discussed the fact that, according to the National Retail Federation, 67 percent of shoppers will abandon a website if that site is too slow.


Website Downtime Isn’t Your Business’s Only Enemy

If you think that website downtime is your business’s only enemy, you’re sorely mistaken.


Proof that Website Performance Can Cost You Customers and Money

In the past, we here at Alertra have warned our readers that slow website performance can lead to lost customers and profit. That is why we notify our clients when their sites are suffering performance issues or outages.


What Does Your Website Say About Your Company?

Here at Alertra we talk a lot about website downtime and the message that extended and frequent downtime sends to your visitors.


Simple Steps to Help Maximize Your Website Uptime

Website uptime has become a prominent concern for many website owners.