GoDaddy Goes Down Again

We’ve discussed how important a reliable web host is when it comes to your website’s uptime. GoDaddy is one of the largest hosting providers on the Web.


Quick and Easy Steps to Help You Maximize Your Website Uptime

Today we are going to discuss some additional actions you can take to maximize the uptime of your website.


An In-Depth Look at Website Monitoring

You know that you need a website monitoring service to alert you when your site goes down or is suffering from performance issues.


Why Reputation Matters More Than a Guarantee when It Comes to Website Uptime

If you’re looking for a hosting provider you’re probably taking a look at uptime guarantees to ensure that your site won’t be experiencing an excessive amount of website downtime.


Are You Relying On Your Web Host for Website Monitoring Services?

When you ask some website operators if they have website monitoring service in place, they’ll come back with a response that goes something like, “Oh, my Web host does that for me.”


The Importance of Monitoring Your Site for Uptime

If you run a small personal blog and your site isn’t profit driven, you probably aren’t very concerned with the uptime of your website.


Migrating Your Hosting During Website Downtime

Your web host’s servers have gone down and you’re facing that dreaded website downtime. What do you do?


More Websites Go Down Due to Hosting Suppliers: Is Your Migration Plan in Place?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – your website hosting service has more power over your profits than you think.


CloudFlare Outage Being Blamed on Juniper Networks

When your company provides website security and optimization services, the last thing you want is a website outage. That’s exactly what happened to CloudFlare, however.


More Evidence That More Than One Server Location Is Needed to Maximize Website Uptime

In the past Alertra has discussed the fact that the way your website hosting is set up is crucial to the uptime of your site.