Two DDoS Attacks: Two Very Different Experiences

We have written quite a bit in the past about the importance of DDoS protection – especially for today’s financial institutions.


What is a Website Monitor?

https://www.alertra.comIn a perfect world our websites would never experience any downtime. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world.


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Chase Bank Website Goes Down Yet Again

We exist in a day and age where we live and work on the Web. Everything from communicating with family and friends to paying bills is done via a connection to the Internet.


The Storm in the Northeast of America: Proof of the Power of Internet Uptime

Until disaster strikes, we really don’ realize just how much we rely upon technology. Alertra noticed that there were quite a few tweets that instructed power customers to report power outages via a website.


How a Website Monitor Can Save Your Company’s Profits

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Managing Your Website Uptime with a Website Monitor

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