Five Easy Ways to Increase Your Website Uptime

In the past we’ve talked about downtime and the havoc it can wreak on your company’s profits.


What if Your Web Host Has Nothing to Do with Your Website Downtime?

So you’ve done your research, put a new host through the paces during a free trial and moved your site over to the new hosting company. Now that your site is there, you’re experiencing the same downtime issues all over again. What’s to blame?


The Truth about Website Uptime Guarantees

As we previously discussed, a web host that is offering an uptime guarantee for the site that you host with them can be an alluring offer.


Looking to Transfer to a New Web Host to Ensure Website Uptime?

Are you looking to change to a web host with a better uptime rating? After all, if Alertra is notifying you that your site is experiencing an unacceptable amount of downtime, then you’re likely wondering how to minimize that downtime.


Pirate Bay Experiences Longest Site Outage Yet

In the past we’ve talked in-depth about how great Pirate Bay’s contingency plans are. Regardless of how you feel about pirated software, movies and music, you have to admit that the downtime backup plans put in place by the Pirate Bay community are pretty impressive.


Netflix Suffers Issues with More Website Downtime

You would think that the nightmares for Netflix would be over and that the New Year would be rung in with a sigh of relief.


How to Choose a Quality Website Monitor

If you own or operate a website, the uptime of that website is crucial to the success of your business.


How to Utilize a Website Monitoring Service and Maintain Your Site to Ensure Uptime

In the world of online businesses, website uptime is everything.


Your Website Monitoring Service Alerts You: This is the Backup Plan You Need

When you utilize a quality website monitoring service you can rest easy knowing that you will be notified via text, email and/or phone when your website goes down.


We Were Right about FreshDirect.com: Don’t Stumble into These Website Pitfalls

It turns out we were right about FreshDirect.com. The site did indeed go down because someone forgot to renew the company’s domain name.