A Simple Oversight Causes Not-So-Simple Website Downtime for FreshDirect.com

The recent FreshDirect website downtime is a perfect example of an outage that could have been avoided with proper planning and adequate hosting.


Amazon AWS Infrastructure Takes Netflix Services Down Yet Again

As millions of people across the nation just wanted to relax and watch some movies on Netflix this Christmas Eve, they suddenly find the service is down. The reason for the Netflix outage?


Anonymous Is as Active as Ever: Hacktivist Group Takes Revenge on Delhi Police by Taking Site Down

Most of us know about the horrible incident that occurred in Delhi and the majority of the public wants the rapist to be punished.


What Happened to Wells Fargo’s Plan to Counter Cyber-Attacks?

We’ve talked quite a bit about the new form of terrorism in the past couple of months. As cyber-terrorists target major U.S. financial institutions, you’d think that a bank as big as Wells Fargo would have been doing everything they could to avoid the ramifications of a DDoS attack.


You Just Can’t Keep a Pirate Down: One Pirate Bay Site Taken Down and Two More Pop Up

Whether you agree with the ethics of the site or not, one must applaud the way the site handles an outage. It seems that no matter how hard they try, even the authorities can’t keep Pirate Bay down for long.


What Does That Website Uptime That You’ve Been Promised Really Mean?

Over the past few months we’ve published a few posts about finding the right hosting service. We’ve explained that there really is a big difference between an uptime rate of 95 percent and a rate of 99.9 percent.


The Latest Anonymous Escapade: Westboro Baptist Church Website Goes Down

We all know that Anonymous has become somewhat of a vigilante justice organization. What many don’t realize is that you don’t have to do something related to the World Wide Web to get them to turn their eyes your way.


Google Teaches Us Why It’s Important to Plan Maintenance and Upgrades Properly

One would think that an Internet giant like Google would have their game together when it comes to providing uninterrupted services to the general public.


Do You Use a CDN to Hide Your Website’s IP Address?

Many people use proxy servers to hide their personal IPs when they are surfing the Internet. What some Internet surfers don’t’ realize is that websites can do the very same thing.


And the Tumbler Website Outage Just Keeps Getting Worse

We recently informed you of the outages faced by Tumblr and Facebook. While the Facebook outage only lasted 20 minutes, it appears that Tumblr is still down for the count, more than a day later, and Tumblr users are getting frustrated.