Website Downtime: The Biggest Outages of 2016

From unexpected spikes in traffic to massive DDoS attacks, 2016 saw more than its fair share of  major bouts of website downtime. As we all become more and more aware of the threats that such downtime pose to our businesses, it would seem that these episodes of downtime would fall to the wayside. If 2016 is any indication, however, downtime is just as prevalent as ever.


Should Your Company Brag About Its Uptime Statistics and Do Visitors Even Care?

When it comes to doing business on the World Wide Web, uptime is a major factor that is a very prevalent concern behind the scenes. When downtime occurs, a nasty domino effect can occur along with it. First, customers can’t access the website. Then, sales are lost. If the site is down too long, eventually your Google rankings can take a serious dive affecting future traffic and revenue. As such, anyone who actually manages and runs a website understands how important website uptime is.


How Your Website Downtime is Tracked by Google

Most website owners and managers know that website downtime can indeed affect your search engine rankings as far as Google is concerned. With Google dominating the search market with about two-thirds of all search engine traffic, it’s no wonder website owners can be frenzied into a panic when they think about any amount of downtime affecting their hard-won search engine ranking. However, what many don’t realize is that a short bout of downtime doesn’t automatically mean that your Google ranking will suddenly take a dive.


7 Reasons Our Customers Will Only Use Alertra for Their Website Monitoring Service Needs

It’s no secret that monitoring your site for downtime is crucial to the success of that site. This is evidenced by the fact that there is an almost endless selection of service providers to choose from. When a service is in demand, companies will pop up left and right to fill that demand. The question you must ask yourself is which website monitoring service is right for you? Alertra customers know this and refuse to use any other company for their website and server monitoring needs. So exactly what is it that sets us apart from the pack?


5 Industries That Absolutely Must Use a Website Monitoring Service

In today’s day and age almost every single online business (and nearly all Internet entrepreneurs) understand the value of a quality website monitoring service. The problem is that oftentimes these professionals fail to see the big picture when it comes to the utilization of such a service. Some tend to be stuck in the mindset that a website monitoring service is nothing more than a means to measure a website’s uptime. The reality is that the benefits of such a service go far beyond this single feature.


Hacker Prevention 101: Training for Employees

If you operate or own an online business your website is at risk of being hacked, regardless of how large or small your website may be. Smaller businesses may think they are not a big enough “fish” for a hacker to focus on. The fact is that almost every single website online has something of value to be gleaned. Even if it’s just personal information or a mailing list, there is information that a hacker can use if you leave it open for the taking. Even if your business is a small craft shop, you’re at risk of being hacked.


Website Monitoring Services: Making Apples to Apples Comparisons When Free Plans Are Thrown into the Mix

You’ve come to realize just how much of a threat website downtime poses to your online business. You fully acknowledge the value and necessity of a website monitoring service to minimize your website’s downtime. The question is, how do you know which provider to partner with? How do you go about making apples-to-apples comparisons when so many different plans and promotions are being thrown at you left and right?


6 Secrets of Successful eCommerce Businesses

Contrary to what many believe, getting ahead in the eCommerce world isn’t a matter of who you know (as it often is in the brick and mortar world), but rather the success so many strive to achieve really comes down to what you know. There are a number of “secrets” or “keys” to succeeding online. If you know these secrets and follow the advice they offer, your chances of online success significantly increase. Ignore the secret strategies that successful online businesses employ, and your chances of eCommerce success are reduced quite drastically.


Paid vs. Free Website Services: Which One Do I Choose?

Anyone who owns or manages a website is familiar with the fact that there is an overwhelming array of website services to choose from. These services can help ensure the success of your website, enabling you to manage your site as efficiently and effectively as possible. The range of services, however, can be mind-boggling in itself, the price difference between the various services only adds to the confusion when trying to determine which website services will best meet your needs. Services range from free, to affordable, to costly. How do you know which service to choose?


How website downtime can ruin your digital marketing efforts

Websites going through downtime is not uncommon, as sometimes the hosting provider schedules a regular maintenance for couple of hours and warns you ahead about the temporary disruption. In such situations, you will have some time to take precautionary measures like scheduling the downtime at non-peak hours or letting the visitors know the website will be up and running in a while.