If You’re Going to Do Something, Do It Right – Disney Shutting Down Web Movie Service

It appears that Disney has announced they will be discontinuing their Web movie service as of December 31, 2012. What is the reason behind the decision?


The U.S. Isn’t the Only Target of Cyber-Terrorism

A little while back we discussed a new form of terrorism that has been taking place across the globe. Millions of people “live” online, using the Internet to bank, pay bills, socialize, go to school and even work from home.


Skype Security Loophole Exploited – Some Customer Operations and Information Put at Risk

There are a number of widgets, tools and add-ons that website owners are now using to make their sites more vibrant and interactive than ever.


How Can a 503 Error Page Save Your Google Ranking When Your Site is Down?

Website downtime is an inevitable fact of life. It happens to the best of sites and, more frequently, it also happens to the worst of them.


What’s the Difference Between Free Website Monitoring and a Real Website Monitoring Service?

A lot of people ask why they should pay for website monitoring services when they can simply sign up for one of the many free website monitoring services available on the Web.


Fatcow Servers Go Down Again Taking Numerous Sites with Them

https://www.alertra.comMany website owners woke up Monday to discover that their websites were not online. Those who are Alertra customers were already aware of this fact as we sent notifications when websites went down.


Yahoo! Sports Website Outages – Fantasy Football Fans in an Uproar

For some fans, football is serious business. With the advent of the Internet, the excitement of football made its way to the World Wide Web and fantasy football was born.


What Does Bandwidth Have to Do with Your Website Uptime?

Over the past week we’ve talked quite a bit about website uptime and how an inadequate hosting plan can affect that uptime. Bandwidth has been mentioned quite a few times in regards to finding a hosting plan that will accommodate your website’s needs.


Avoid Website Downtime by Changing to the Right Hosting Plan

Over the past few days we’ve mentioned that it’s important to ensure that your website’s hosting plan is adequate enough to support any spikes in traffic, or even steadily increasing traffic, that your website may receive.


Widespread Website Downtime as Election Day Arrives

It was just a few days ago we blogged about ensuring that your website was ready for growth and success. It seems that some should have implemented that advice as political sites across the World Wide Web were being taken down on Tuesday due to an overload of traffic.