Can You Really Make Your Website Bulletproof?

In light of Hurricane Sandy, we have to ask ourselves one simple, straightforward and honest question – can you really bulletproof your website from downtime 100 percent of the time? Yes, disaster recovery plans are crucial.


Is Your Website Ready for Success?

https://www.alertra.comIt seems like a simple enough question… Are you ready for your website to become successful? Most people would answer, “Yes, of course!” Increased success equates to increased profits and an improved lifestyle.


A Little Help with Your Contingency Plan for Website Downtime

This week we’ve seen numerous websites go down due to Hurricane Sandy, including the sites of some of our very own customers.


Website Outages Make Us Realize Just How Much We Rely on the Internet

There’s no doubt about it. Hurricane Sandy has taken a toll on the nation due to the website outages it caused this past week. While the stress and frustration that ensued was unavoidable, many website owners took measures to mitigate the damage done and comminicated via other mediums, such as social media sites.


Hurricane Sandy Continues to Wreak Internet Havoc

Some Alertra customers are facing mixed emotions this week as Hurricane Sandy has taken out their websites. We’re assuming these customers had a sense of security, knowing that they would be notified if their websites did indeed go down.


Hurricane Sandy is Taking Websites Down as Predicted

As we predicted the other day, Hurricane Sandy has taken down a number of websites. Some of the sites are doing their job and are keeping consumers updated.


Can Your Website Weather the Storm?

You may be smiling in sunny Los Angeles or enduring the chill of the coming winter in Chicago as the East Coast huddles down for the coming storm that is soon to be upon them.


Cabela’s Offers a Discount: A Compensation Fail?

With all of the outages that occurred this week due to Amazon’s server issues we’ve discussed taking the appropriate measures to make your customers happy and what some companies did (or failed to do) in that regard.


The Day the Internet Died

Maybe we’re being a little melodramatic, but we’re not the only ones who feel like the Amazon outage caused a death (albeit a temporary one) of the Internet on Monday.


Fast Company’s Website Traffic Hits Zero Due to Amazon Outage

It seems that a number of high-profile websites were affected by the most recent Amazon cloud server outage – one of five outages experienced by the company in the past year and a half.