Pinterest Goes Down with Amazon Cloud Outage

Yesterday we told you how some of the sites that are hosted by Amazon’s cloud services went down due to “degraded performance for a small number of EBS volumes in a single Availability Zone”. At least that’s the reason Amazon is giving.


Another Amazon Outage Is Affecting Websites and Consumers

When the outage issue arose it wasn’t a widespread problem. It was a small problem that affected some of Amazon’s EC2 services in North Virginia. However, that small outage quickly turned into a full-blown problem.


How to Properly Manage Your Website Downtime

Website downtime is, unfortunately, an inevitable fact of life for online business owners.


Top Five Website Mistakes that Online Entrepreneurs Make

The Internet has changed the world as we know it.


Three Ways to Increase Your Website Profits

Your website is up and running and you’re ready to make your mark on the World Wide Web.


Crazy Domains Goes Down – Customers Left in the Dark

Halloween is almost here. It’s a time for chills, thrills and nightmares. Crazy Domains customers, however, are currently experiencing the kind of nightmare that isn’t fun or thrilling.


The Cyber-Attacks Continue – Capital One the Latest Victim

True to their word, the cyber-terrorists have not stopped their attacks on major U.S. financial institutions. Capital One, a leading credit card provider, is one of the latest targets of the increasingly widespread attacks.


Even Amazon.com Goes Down

Every website experiences downtime. When it’s your site that is down, it can be hard to remember that you’re not the only one who goes through the frustration and stress of downtime.


Who’s Telling You about Your Website Downtime?

The LA ShoeGirl blog and website has been experiencing some technical difficulties that took the site down and then brought it back up, although it’s still not fully functional.


Not All Pirates Are Out At Sea: The Pirate Bay Website Goes Down

Sometimes it’s not terrorists taking sites down in cyber-attacks. Sometimes it’s governments taking sites down in an effort to thwart seeding efforts on torrent websites. What is seeding, you may ask?