Chunk Host Successfully Mitigates a DDoS Attack

Chunk Host, a provider of virtual server services, was recently the target of a DDoS attack. The services did indeed go down for a while, but the company was on the ball and took measures to correct the issue quickly while communicating their efforts to customers.


Websites Aren’t the Only Thing to Go Down When a Server Outage Occurs

It seems that Fasthosts has been experiencing some significant issues with downtime today. The company, based in the UK, provides web hosting and email services.


Google and Yahoo: Even the Greats Can Fall

In the world of the Internet, you don’t expect giants like Google and Yahoo! to take a fall – but that’s exactly what happened this week.


Informing Customers of an Outage Before Your Site Goes Down

We’ve talked a lot about what to do when your site goes down unexpectedly. Communication is key, as we’ve mentioned quite a few times in the past.


Communicating with Your Customers via Twitter

We all know that when customers aren’t happy about something, they tweet about it or go elsewhere on the Web to vent.


Rogers Communications Service Outage Leaves Customers Frustrated

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – when a website or service goes down, you have to communicate with your customers or your reputation is going to take a hit.


The Cyber Attacks Continue: US Bank and PNC Are Newest Targets

Last week we discussed a new form of terrorism – the cyber-attacks that are now targeting many major U.S. financial institutions.


When Your Website Is Facing an Outage, Communication is Key

When it comes to consumer relations, communication is everything. A website like Consumerist.com should know this. After all, their website is dedicated to consumer relations.


Terrorism Takes on a New Form Causing Website Downtime for Big Businesses

It seems that terrorism has taken on a new form and the Bank of America and J.P Morgan Chase websites have been the most recent target of the terrorists’ cyber-attacks.


Can A Single Tweet Bring Down Your Website?

It used to be that the biggest such threat was being mentioned in a post on Slashdot.