Top 3 Windows Text Editors for Developers

Text editors have come a long way from the basic note taking software years ago (or Windows Notepad).


Monitoring Mobile Websites

If you don’t know about mobile websites by now, you must have just been rescued from Gilligan’s Island.


To Android, or Not to Android. That’s the Developer’s Question

Keeping with the mobile theme this week, we’re going to talk about Android. Particularly Android development.


5 Must Have System Admin Apps

In our last blog post we offered some ideas on how to get your boss to buy you, their ever reliable systems administrator, an iPad.


How To Get Your Boss To Buy You A New iPad

It’s new, it’s cool, and you want one. But you just can’t find a way to justify a new iPad purchase.


Server Monitoring Amazon: EC2’s Thursday Outage

At Alertra, we knew EC2 had an issue in just 15 seconds. And that's when we started notifying our customers with servers in Amazon's cloud.


Radar Detectors and Bug Bounties

Generally the consensus is that the more the companies know about bugs, the quicker they can fix them, and create a safer environment for us, the users.


The White House Floppy Drive

It was 2009 and the first African American President took office in January. The new CTO of the White House started that same day.


Has Microsoft Done it Again?

The consumer preview of Windows 8 has been out for a few weeks now. Long enough for users and reviewers to start offering opinions based on experience vs. rumor.


Google Strives for World Domination

A world without borders, nations, or citizens. Just friends and interests.