Server Monitoring, the Last Line of Defense

You’ve been hacked! You feel violated, angry, and frustrated.


Alertra Offers 30-Day Free Website Monitoring Trial

With Alertra's 30-day free website monitoring trial, get notified when your site goes down. The trial package includes monitoring websites, e-mail servers, routers and any other servers or hardware connected to the Internet.


Is it Really a Question of Tape vs. Disk Backup?

A DTI/PricewaterhouseCoopers study revealed that 70% of businesses that suffered a major data loss went out of business within one year.


A Sampling of IT Humor

You know all this IT stuff can get awful serious sometimes. Training, deployments, integration, technical support, development schedules, monitoring – I’m tired. Are you?


A Revolution in a Can

Imagine a world where cellular broadband is available everywhere – no dead spots due to geography or lack of infrastructure.


SQL Server 2012 Release Date Approaches

Though the final beta for SQL Server 2012 has been out for some time, IT admins and users are anticipating the new release.


Website Monitoring in the Cloud

Just like an ISP that monitors their hardware and connectivity, cloud hosting providers do the same – but neither will keep track of your internal processes, protocols or website availability.


Systems Administrators: Are you plagued by a tech-savvy workforce?

It used to be that systems administrators expressed their frustration over tech novices by recounting tales of users asking about the cup holder on their desktop- you know, the CD drive.


The Risks of Green Data Centers

The push to be green is everywhere. When it comes to IT, what that means is a little bit unclear.


How Web Server Monitoring Services Help Businesses

Monitoring services help business owners make sure that their website is always live and is performing properly.