Mozilla Makes Plans not to be Left Behind

Battling a steady decline in usage, Mozilla is gearing up to make Firefox a native Windows 8 Metro application.


It’s in the Cloud, Man

You’re rushing to put together a brief for the CIO on the new IT outsourcing projects and you realize you don’t know where your company data is.


Developers are lining up to create new apps for Windows 8. Aren’t they?

After Microsoft’s BUILD conference last fall much of the buzz around Windows 8 was generally positive.


Website Uptime: How Important is Your Website?

Your website is important to your business, right? It's either somewhat important or it's crucial, depending on what you do.


Role of Server Response Time in Website Performance

Website performance is as important as having a website for businesses these days.


Benefits of Website Monitoring Services for Business Sites

With an increased number of people turning to the Internet to purchase or to get information about a product or service from a business, it is important to make sure that your website is always active.


Basic Functions of Website Monitoring Services

Once a website is live on the web, there are many aspects which the website owner has to take care of.


Server Response Time - How Much Does it Really Matter?

It’s easy to see how uptime or page load time can impact a visitor’s experience. Server response time though, is just one component of each of these higher level metrics, one possibly overlooked when optimizing a website.


Website Uptime, Your Reputation, and Your Bottomline

Your customers and prospects are online and they are comfortable completing sales online. So what happens when your website isn’t available?


What Can Cloud Computing Do For Your Business?

If you haven’t heard of the term ‘cloud computing’ yet (where have you been?), think of the cloud as simply a metaphor for the internet. It’s a catch-all term for storing data or completing tasks through off-site servers.