Social Media PR: What to do When Your Website Goes Down

Website monitoring is essential in our digital age. If your website goes down your audience is just a few clicks away from influencing a large number of potential customers.


Callback URLs Explained

You know you get automatically notified when your device or service goes down. But did you know you can have certain functions performed automatically, perhaps evening restoring service without intervention?


Take Alertra for a Free Test Drive

So you've decided you need remote server monitoring. Where do you start, and how do you choose a service provider?


Website downtime we know: but can the internet itself go down?

At Alertra, we talk a lot about the importance of uptime, of constantly monitoring your website’s availability on the internet. But what about the internet itself?


Website Outages: How the Mighty Have Fallen

Making sure your website is available at all times is clearly important, as any webmaster or web hosting company will testify.


Uptime Status - Why Show It Off?

Multiple surveys have found that three seconds is the amount of time you have to make an impression on a new visitor to your website.


5 Reasons to Monitor Your Website Remotely

Most businesses put a lot of effort into making sure their website looks good, is hosted on reliable servers or ISPs, and is secure from hackers.


Website monitoring with Alertra just got easier and more effective

We know how important website uptime is to you. But, we also know you’re busy and don’t want to spend all day monitoring website performance reports.


Web monitoring: Why poor website uptime could be your business’s downfall

Website uptime is a bit like your health, you don’t appreciate it until one day it’s gone. Whether you’re a webmaster or a hosting company you’ll know that uptime is important. But have you considered the different ways poor uptime can impact your business?


What's New

New features! Tired of getting alerts for all your devices when your connection goes down? Designate a master device to suppress unneeded alerts. Want to put devices into unscheduled maintenance... right now? You can do that and much more.