4 Tips to Maximize Your Website Uptime

By now you know that website downtime is detrimental to your business and its profits. While downtime isn’t completely avoidable, this doesn’t mean that you should take outages of your website laying down. If you’re serious about the success of your site and maximizing your website’s profits, you need to make sure you take proper action to minimize anything that poses a threat to those profits and take advantage of services that can help maximize uptime. Here are four tips to help you maximize your website uptime and protect your profits from dreaded website outages.


How Much Business Will Your Company Lose During a Website Outage?

There are few things in life that are considered to be unavoidable certainties. Death and taxes are the top of these unavoidable certainties that people usually imagine when they begin to consider the things that just can’t be avoided. Another certainty that affects everyone and anyone who does business online is website downtime and the resulting loss of business and profits that go along with said downtime. The question is, exactly how much business will your company lose when your website goes down?


When Good Sites Go Bad: The Most Frustrating Website Outages of 2015

Every site, no matter how big or small, is prone to website downtime. With 2016 beginning and 2015 becoming a memory, it’s time to review the biggest website downtime blunders of the past year. These examples of website downtime prove just how frustrating downtime can be for your customers (and the world in general) and just how damaging downtime episodes can be to a website’s reputation and profits.


The Top 7 Causes of Website Downtime: Why No Website Is Immune

You put a lot of time and effort into the design and SEO of your website, but preventing website downtime? It’s not something you really worry about. After all, you have your ducks in a row. Your site is one of those that are pretty much immune to bouts of unplanned website downtime. Or is it? If you think your website can’t succumb to at least one of the many risks that can cause serious bouts of dreaded downtime, there are a few things you need to consider.


Website Monitoring Services: How They Can Help Minimize Your Website Downtime

You know how damaging website downtime can be to your online business. That’s why you put countless hours into finding the right hosting provider and the perfect hosting plan for your business’s online presence. Now that your site has been properly programmed, everything is running seamlessly, and your site is live and online, you can sit back and stop worrying. Right? Actually this couldn’t be further from the truth.


How Website Monitoring Service Can Help Mitigate the Dangers of Cheap Website Hosting Plans

When it comes to the products and services that your business uses, cost is obviously one of the contributing factors when deciding which products and services your business utilizes. Unfortunately, cheaper does not usually mean better and there has been much said about the dangers of cheap website hosting plans. Does that mean you have to spend an arm and a leg on your hosting plan to avoid these dangers?


Why You Need Website Monitoring Service If You Host Your Own Website

While there are definitely benefits to hosting your website on your own servers, and the benefits of doing so can far outweigh the risks, there are some risks that you do indeed need to consider. When considering these risks, you also need to consider ways in which to minimize them. If you are going to forego traditional website hosting services and host your own website, make sure to keep the following in mind…


Why Server Monitoring Services Are More Relevant than Ever

Tomorrow your company is going to close a deal that is going to make your year and set the precedent for your company’s future growth. You have spent months preparing for this day and your business’s next fiscal quarter is depending on the success of this deal. Every “i” has been dotted and every “t” has been crossed. It’s now just past one in the morning and you are finally falling asleep in anticipation of the coming day, but unbeknownst to you, there are problems occurring back at the office.


Minimizing the Downtime of Your Website

As we discussed last week, 0 downtime is an impossibility even with the best team, tools, and resources. However, it is possible to drop your downtime from over 8 hours a year to under one hour a year if you put certain practices and measures into place. This week we will discuss some of the things you need to do to minimize the downtime of your site and ensure that you achieve as much uptime as possible.


Exactly How Much Website Downtime Is Acceptable?

So you have set yourself up with a website monitoring service and you always know the moment your website goes down. You have your failsafes in place and you diligently go to work to get your site back up and ready for the public as soon as possible. A week later, you get another alert that your site has gone down, notified by your trusted website monitoring partner. Again you go to work to do what you can to minimize the downtime and mitigate the damage.