Utilizing a Website Monitoring Service Equates to Peace of Mind

Do the thoughts of website downtime and the profits it can cost your business you keep you up at night? Do the threats that cause downtime haunt you when you are looking at your business’s profit and loss statements? If you need peace of mind when it comes to the uptime of your website, then website monitoring service is the answer you have been looking for.


How to Fight Website Downtime and Profit Loss with Website Monitoring

It is three in the morning and your website is down. The dreaded and inevitable curse of website downtime has occurred and until you fix it, your visitors are going to face frustration when they try to access your site’s offerings and your business is losing profits. The question is, how soon will you find out about the downtime? Will you find out about it when you wake up and finally make it to your computer to check your sales and emails, or will you find out about it when you get a phone call from an irate customer who can’t access your site?


Do You Really Need Website Monitoring for Your Website?

A number of online entrepreneurs and website owners have realized the necessity of a quality website monitoring service to mitigate the damage caused by website downtime. There are still some, however, who wonder if they really need website monitoring for their websites. For example, those who operate and update blogs may wonder if website monitoring is really necessary for their website since they don’t make direct sales. Since direct sales are not an issue, they think downtime may not really affect profits to a significant degree.


How Do Website Monitoring Services Really Work?

You know that uptime equates to profits. You also know that website downtime can significantly cut into those profits if it isn’t managed properly. By now you have probably figured out that a website monitoring service is a must if you want to minimize the downtime that your website experiences. But what is website monitoring? Exactly how does it work? If you’re still questioning how a website monitoring service can help you reduce downtime for your online business, you need to understand what it is, what it does, and how it works for your business.


Should You Trust Your Web Host for Adequate Website Downtime Monitoring?

There are a number of companies operating in the world of the Web that offer website monitoring services to online business owners. While most website operators understand the need for a quality website monitoring service, not all online business owners understand why they should pay extra for a third-party service when their web host offers to monitor their websites free of charge. If you’ve left the monitoring of your website up to your hosting provider, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.


What Free Website Monitoring Services Don’t Want You to Know about Website Monitoring

You know that the uptime of your website is vital. You have even come to the conclusion that a website monitoring service is a must if you wish to minimize the downtime that your website experiences. What you don’t know is why you should pay for such a service when there are so many companies offering free website monitoring on the web. Before you jump on the “free” service bandwagon, there are some things you need to take into consideration.


How Website and Server Monitoring Can Protect You from the High Cost of Server Downtime

In the world of online business, server downtime is an unavoidable evil. Such downtime can wreak havoc on your online business, creating untold amounts of stress as you and your team scramble to do what you can to get the server back up and running as quickly as possible or, if you have no control over the downtime, you jump through hoops of fire to do what you can to mitigate the damage that the downtime is causing. If you think server downtime can be avoided, there are some things you need to take into consideration.


Website Monitoring Service and Social Media Networks: Two Essential Tools You Absolutely Must Have in Your Website Downtime Arsenal

If someone were to ask you what tools you use to fight website downtime, your immediate answer would likely be, “A website monitoring service.” While that answer in and of itself is not a bad one, if a website monitoring service is the only tool in your arsenal against the havoc that website downtime can create for your online business, you are not taking a comprehensive approach to protecting your business from downtime’s effects, nor are you protecting your site’s reputation to the best of your abilities.


What Website Monitoring Has to Do with Your Search Engine Rankings

Most of today’s savvy online entrepreneurs know that website monitoring service is crucial to the uptime success of a website. After all, every single second of downtime in the ecommerce world equates to profits lost. How much money you lose per minute depends on the volume of sales your online business makes, but any lost profit is too much when it comes to profit loss that could have been avoided in the first place.


Are You Utilizing a Website Monitoring Service to Minimize the Damage Caused by Website Downtime?

No matter what type of website you operate, whether it is a multi-million dollar ecommerce store or a small, monetized personal blog, downtime costs your business money. It isn’t just lost sales you need to worry about, however. Website downtime also costs your business precious customer satisfaction levels and brand reputation in the cut-throat environment that is the Internet. No matter what niche or industry your website operates in, competition is fierce and you need to make sure you stay ahead of the pack in terms of customer satisfaction and brand recognition.