Some Still Aren’t Protected from DDoS Attacks: Downtime Inevitable

Here at Alertra we often discuss the importance of protecting your website against DDoS attacks – the type of attacks that flood your site with traffic to the point the servers go down for the count. Website monitoring service is a very important tool in your arsenal to fight website downtime caused by DDoS antics. Unfortunately, many websites are still unprotected against DDoS attacks, foregoing website monitoring service, as is evidenced by the recent outages experienced by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).


The Dreams Bed Store Case Study: Proof that Even Brick and Mortar Stores Need To Take Website Uptime Seriously

When it comes to website downtime, it seems that businesses that operate primarily online are the ones who put the most effort into minimizing website downtime. Brick and mortar retailers don’t always take website downtime as seriously as the online stores do. The Dreams bed and mattress store, however, is a perfect example of how website downtime can be just as detrimental to a brick and mortar store as it is to ecommerce retailers.


Southwest Airlines’ Website Downtime: What They Did Wrong and What They Did Right

Oftentimes a sale can bring a website crashing down, especially if the deals being offered are as tempting as the $49 airfare sale that was being offered by Southwest Airlines over the past few days. As Southwest Airlines found out, a huge surge in traffic during such a sale can bring a website crashing down. Not only does this type of website downtime mean lost profits, it means frustrated customers who aren’t able to get in on the deal while it is being offered. In looking at this particular instance of website downtime, there are two things we must ask. What did Southwest do wrong?


Great Examples of Social Media Use for Website Downtime Communications

Here at Alertra we have frequently discussed the need to keep your website visitors and customers informed of downtime when it happens and, if possible, before it happens. While most companies in today’s day and age realize how detrimental downtime is to a business’s profits and, as such, work hard to get a site back up and running properly when it does go down, the willingness of businesses to inform their customers of downtime still seems to be somewhat lacking.


First National Bank Takes a Server Downtime Hit and Consumers Are None Too Happy

In a day and age when consumers do almost everything online, including banking, it can create a bit of havoc when a bank’s online services go down. Especially when that bank is as large as First National Bank (FNB). Early in the morning on Monday the 18th, FNB’s website was down for the count, as was its mobile app and the ability to use FNB credit cards. However, this bout of downtime caused more than the typical inconvenience that website downtime usually results in. Consumers didn’t simply have to wait to place an order, as they would if it were an ecommerce site in question.


Rebuilding the Experience

Alertra is built on industry-leading, cutting edge technologies. We understand that when it comes to downtime, seconds count. Alertra's time-tested mechanism is built to detect outages before your customers do. We want to give you the world's easiest, fastest monitoring service.


Why Monitoring Website Performance Is Just as Important as Monitoring Website Downtime

Here at Alertra we frequently discuss the importance of monitoring your website for downtime. We often remind our readers that website downtime equates to lost profits and that the only way to truly protect your online business’s bottom line is to minimize the downtime your website experiences. However, downtime is not the only thing that you need to worry about when it comes to lost customers, a drop in search engine rankings, and lost profits. Website performance also plays an important role in the success of your online business.


Website Monitoring 101: Answers to Frequently Asked Website Monitoring Service Questions

Almost everyone who owns a website or operates one knows what website monitoring service is and what it entails, for the most part. The details, however, are often misunderstood or blurred and confused with other website services. If you want to truly understand the nature of website monitoring services and how such a service can be put to work to protect your online business’s profits, you need answers to the most frequently asked website monitoring questions.


How to Choose the Best Website Monitoring Service

Most online business owners know that website monitoring is critical to the success of a website and protects their company’s bottom line. When your website goes down, you need to know about it sooner rather than later, and preferably the minute it happens. Chances are, if you own or operate a website, you realize the importance of being the first to know when downtime does occur. What you may not understand, however, is how website monitoring services differ and how to choose the best website monitoring service for your site.


Website Monitoring Services: Is There Any Such Thing as a Free Ride?

It seems that there are an abundance of website monitoring services offering “free” website monitoring on the Web. Of course, this brings to light the question, why should you pay for something you can get for free? Before you decide to forego a website monitoring company that is up front with its pricing and opt for one of these free website monitoring services, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.