General Configuration

Settings common to all device types.


General Settings

Abbreviation: An eight character name representing this device. This name is referenced in device alerts and reports, etc. and it appears in the status window in the upper-right corner of the Alertra website.

Master Device: If the master device goes down, alerts for this device will be suppressed. The master device can be anything, but usually it's a router. If the internet connection is lost, or the router goes down, alerts will be suppressed for everything monitored behind the router.

Notification Schedule: Manage notification schedules from the Devices page. Select the schedule to use for this device.

Maintenance Schedule: Manage maintenance schedules from the Devices page. Select the schedule to use for this device.

Check Frequency: The device will be checked according to the frequency specified.

Alert Email Subjects

Customize alert email subjects for each device. A distinct subject can be configured for device down, device ok and device warning alerts.

Numeric Paging

If numeric paging will be used, give the device a unique 8 digit pager code. Numeric alerts for this device will contain the unique pager code, followed by one of these two-digit alert codes:

01 Device OK
02 Device Down
03 Device Warning

If numeric paging is not needed, just leave the default pager code of 0.

Advanced Settings

Caution: These settings can significantly affect monitoring behavior. Improper settings can result in false alarms. The default settings are appropriate for most applications.

Timeout: Time to wait for a connection or to receive data.

Retries: Number of times to retry from different locations after error.

Retry Delay: Time to wait before retry from different location after error.

Callback URL

Set up a page on a web server to execute some action, for example: reboot a server. Specify the URL required to initiate the action here. On Device Down, we will call the URL using HTTP GET and a timeout of 30 seconds. The result we receive from the call will be logged and can be viewed by clicking "Callback" from the Event Log.

Automatic Traceroute

On Device Down alerts involving network connectivity issues, a traceroute will be initiated from one of the monitoring stations reporting the error. The results of the traceroute will be included in the alert e-mail.