ICMP packets are sent to the host specified according to RFC 792. If the specified percentage of packets are not returned within the time specified, an error is recorded in the check log and the alert notification procedure is initiated. Note that many firewalls are configured to reject or ignore ICMP packets. If our ICMP feature will not work for you due to your firewall configuration, consider specifically allowing our monitoring servers access to ICMP by "whitelisting" our IP addresses. A list of our IP addresses can be found in our FAQ.


Host Address: The hostname or IP address of the host to be checked.

Packet Count: The number of ICMP packets to send to the host. Must be in range 1 to 100.

Max Packet Loss Pct: Percent dropped-packet loss to accept before triggering error. Percentage must be in range 0 to 100.

Max Avg Response Time: Maximum allowable average response time in milliseconds to receive all non-dropped packets before triggering error.