Maintenance Schedules

Create maintenance schedules to indicate those times when your monitored devices are normally offline for maintenance. We automatically suspend monitoring during those periods to prevent alerts and to keep the offline time from being reflected in uptime statistics.

Create a default maintenance schedule by clicking the "Default Maintenance" link from the "Devices" menu. This schedule will be used for devices that do not have their own maintenance schedule. If you take all your monitored devices down for maintenance during the same maintenance period(s), you only need to create a default schedule.

To override the default maintenance schedule for any device, first go to the "Update Device" form by clicking the device link in the status window. Then click the "Maintenance" link at the bottom. This maintenance schedule will be used for this device instead of the default schedule.

Check the box for each hour monitoring is to be suspended.

Monitoring will be suspended within a few seconds following the top of the hour first selected for the period. Monitoring will resume within a few seconds following the top of the hour last selected. Changes to any maintenance schedule will not take effect until the following hour.